Dr. Jim Garrow: Power, Privilege and Payola

Power, Privilege and Payola:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Legend would have you believe that a group of Knights got together and decided that they would live by a code of honor and band together in support of one another and in support of the rights of free men. They wanted to have Justice applied equally across the land and wanted to end the tyranny that many suffered under.

The previous paragraph is mostly myth. Was there really a King Arthur, a roundtable, or even a code of honor beyond that of Hammurabi? Much is conjecture and shrouded in the mists of time and legend. Until 1066 and a tyrant King John there had been only minor occasions of rebellion of the common man whose life was abject and short, and often subject to starvation and disease. Not the setting for a Lancelot and Gwenevere romance at all. Even the Judeo Christian ethos seemed to serve the interests of the religious establishments and the monied interests in the time before the dark ages.

All joisting aside, we have been allowed to believe that the Republic is run on the lines of a democracy wherein We The People have our say and get those whom we choose to govern over us. But lets have a good look at that and ask how folks like George Soros seem to have power, privilege and lots of payola which they spread around in the purchase of businesses, access to those in power and all the strings that money can buy attached to those folks who supposedly answer to us. We can’t even get a straight answer from a guy who threatens to steal our First Amendment rights from us because he has a “service” that we have all bought into and in some strange twist of business ethics seem to have become the indentured servants of rather than free men and women with inalienable rights granted us by our God, not some pimply faced goon named Zuckerberg. Of late we were witness to Zuckies assurance that he would develop a model of right and wrong which we would all fall under and which he would administer? Did we just elect him as God? Did our elected officials just go along with him without much fear that We The People wouldn’t agree to bow the knee to Zuckies Commandments and his interpretation of Holy Writ?

Help me understand what just happened in this recent pseudo-accountability session hosted by “our betters” under the banner of “protecting the privacy of one and all”.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –