PUTIN AND ASSAD ARE AT IT AGAIN, USING POISON GASES ON LITTLE CHILDREN, SO WE ARE TOLD. John McCain’s moderate rebels, ISIS and several other factions fighting for the removal of Assad’s secular government, certainly would never do such a thing and blame it on Assad and Putin. Just like the Russian spy who was poisoned by Putin using a Russian rare poison that was stored in a British facility just 10 miles from where the incident took place.

What the old “Soviet Union” was, America is becoming. The Corporate media, influenced by Soros and his media matters, has become the “Pravda” of the West. The US Corporate government is putting up sanctions against Russian oligarchs to hurt Putin and Russia, while American oligarchs like Soros, who hates America, pumps billions into the Progressive body politic. Just as Russian Patriot Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned. The old Communists of the Bolsheviks have aligned themselves with the monopolist capitalist to form a more evil system as they work together.

This will be the International Socialist world government system that both sides are working for by Soros on the left and Kissinger on the right. Solution…..get rid of the Federal Reserve System which connects the US with this International Banking Cabal. The work and money should be in the hands of the American people.

Terry Shepard