Dr. Jim Garrow: The Curious And The Bold

The Curious And The Bold:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Yesterday I was recording voice overs with a producer in a very popular bookstore/restaurant combination in Guelph, Canada. We noted a very curious gentleman who sat at a table close by and being bold ended up kneeling on the floor next to us and chatting. During the off and on recording a few comments were made and the retired university professor invited me to another restaurant later that evening for a trade of books.

I went at the appointed time and met the aforementioned gentleman who brought with him a graduate student/teaching assistant. The conversation was very broad and showed me that this particular restaurant that we had the second encounter in was quite the gathering place for the university crowd. In my off and on 26 year residence in this city I had never been inside its doors. In spite of the fact that it was crowded we could still hear each other speak. Nice acoustics. Now I am invited to a regular Thursday night meeting at 8 pm where the local university and college profs (current and retired) call it their watering hole.

I wonder how long it will take for them to realize that this long haired hippie looking dude is a a right winger who holds opposite world views to their own? Will I get a second invitation or be rejected on principle? We shall see. I will keep you posted…lol

– Dr. Jim Garrow –