Dr. Jim Garrow: “I Want My Billion Dollars Back” – Kim Jong Un

“I Want My Billion Dollars Back” – Kim Jong Un:

Dr. Jim Garrow

It is not often when the leader of an entire government can be had in a con game of immense proportions but that is exactly what happened to the “fat boy”.

In order to appreciate what has happened, we might need to remind folks of the three nukes that went missing back in 2013. President Obama had ordered that 3 nuclear warheads be moved from an airbase in Louisiana to South Carolina. The nukes never made it to their destination after some very sharp Sergeants noted the total irregularity in the operation and how protocols/safeguards of note were being ignored. It did not smell right to the non-coms. Between a variety of non-coms consulting together, a picture began to emerge that scared the daylights out of this rather savvy group. For those of us who forgot for a moment, it is the non-coms of the variety of service agencies in the military that really run the show and make everything happen. Orders just don’t get carried out if non-coms get in the way or dig in their heels.

It was seen by our enlisted men that something huge was amiss when it was noted that the same irregularities could be found in orders that had missile bodies, engines, warheads, and very specific coupling collars were being shipped to a location very out of the ordinary. At some point in time, the non-coms made commanding officers aware of what was going on and 2 Generals and an Admiral entered the fray. These gentlemen of honor did not allow the components to come together for these 800-mile range missiles and one of the nukes was detonated in the deep ocean 560 miles southeast of Charlotte. They paid for their vigilance with their careers.

When I reported on what had happened and then the same day a Mr. Putin of Russia pointed out what had happened and demanded to know if treaties were being tossed aside, the public was made aware. Then a very rattled politician stood in front of the tv cameras and made no sense at all of the situations and like chicken little called for action lest Charlotte come under attack by nukes, poor Lindsay.

The final chapter in this sorry and embarrassing saga is when Kim Jong Un entered the picture after he paid 1 Billion US dollars for the two remaining nukes as advertised through buddies of his in Iran. The money was transferred and the nukes were somehow lost – damn Fed Ex. Word has it that hat in hand little Un will be asking The Donald for his Billion dollars back. Fat chance Fat Boy!

– Dr. Jim Garrow –