Dr. Jim Garrow: Petulant Children Only Learn When They Meet A Brick Wall Not Bend Over Compliance

Petulant Children Only Learn When They Meet A Brick Wall Not Bend Over Compliance:

Dr. Jim Garrow

When I taught discipline for teachers and parents in workshops across Canada and the United States one of the most valuable lessons that folks learned was that of being consistent in what they did. Letting down the guard or making an emotional “oh but they have changed so much, just this once” are the words leading to the suicide of the lessons learned on the part of the child. Consistent discipline means not breaking your own rules even when Mr. Satan shows that they can choose to behave and abide by the rules because they know that you will not bend. Want better behaviour? Demand it and when you get it – reward it. Negative Consequences go together with positive consequences. It is all in the hands of the child. They choose which way they will go and you will act appropriately and consistently every time. If you don’t you will undermine your own discipline regime and undermine your child’s security. When a child knows where they stand at all times they know what to expect and are secure in that circumstance. They know “if I do this, this will happen.” That applies to both the negative and the positive. Obey the rules, get the goodies. Disobey the rules, get the consequences of poor choices.

I am trusting that the President will treat the media like stubborn, petulant, spoiled children and be consistent and show America how its done and who is in charge. If the media are disrespectful, kick the malefactor out. If they are mannerly and follow the rules, reward them with access to the President. Bad behaviour – no access, good behaviour – access. Kids understand these simple concepts, the media are slower than children but will catch on. Stay strong and consistent Mr. President and put up with no crap. The world is watching and if you allow bad behaviour on the part of the press, what are the leaders of the world learning about you and also about America. Stick to your standards, the media will learn, and so will every dictator on the planet.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –