Dr. Jim Garrow: The Adolescents At Facebook

The Adolescents At Facebook:

Dr. Jim Garrow

When I was a kid in High School, I was a “real nuisance”. One teacher went so far as to say so on my report card. If there was opportunity to create havoc or give a teacher a rough time, I was usually the first up or the push behind the rebellion. That was just me, full of mischief and way too much energy – a regular ADDHD kid. I needed focus and their answer was “the gifted program” which up until that time was non-existent. Along with the regular curriculum we got to play….wow, what innovation, what daring, what understanding. Even today I can watch a group of students and pick out the ADD kid, the genius needing direction or the emotional wreck. As a special education specialist I was good at that when I was a teacher. Remediation for the student was a bargaining exercise and any win on my part was a win for the student. The focus was on their needs.

A quick turn to today and what is going on at Facebook. I have been noticing that a well thought out and written piece that I labor over after I push the next button, arrives with changes in spelling, substitution of words and a mixture of poor grammar and sentences that do not agree in the verb tense or other bizarre manifestations of “interpretation” on someones part. In fact I often look at what is left after I hit that next button and wonder if there is a deliberate nature to the butchery by Facebook. Is it their prime directive to take conservative writers and make them look stupid? If it were not so blatant I would never think that there would be planning in the process, I would normally just write it off to random error, computer driven adjustments that mean well but miss often. The forgiving nature quickly steps aside when you see this interference too often and too conveniently.

Grow up Facebook, your understanding of “truth”, or reality is not the only one in town. There are others who might take a different perspective and reach different conclusions than you. And hey, in a country where free speech is guaranteed in its Constitution, I would declare a foul if you change what I write. It is none of your business to decide that your standards are better than mine. You are a racist, heterophobic bigot who needs some comeuppance. And for that I turn to my God who is bigger than yours and I place you in His hands for His adjudication and judgement. You may not like whats coming. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –