Dr. Jim Garrow: A few years ago I was inspired to write something along these lines

Dr. Jim Garrow

A few years ago I was inspired to write something along these lines.

With the passing of Methuselah whose name in some translations means, “when he is gone, it will come”, the deluge of Noah’s day arrived. Noah had over 100 years in which to build his Ark at the request and following the plan of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As many of us learned Methuselah is in the lineage of Abraham and ancestral Father of Jesus himself. Of more than passing interest is the fact that at his passing Methuselah was the human with the longest lifespan at 969 years.

There are a few significant turning points in the history of the human race and God placed markers of and often to the event as clear signs to us of lessons to be learned, examples to be followed, or warnings of things to come. The awful sins of the people of Noahs day rose up as a stench in the nostrils of God. His decision at that time was to spare the family of Noah from his judgement and he loosed the waters of the deep, the canopy of moisture that protected the earth from the Suns radiation and the rains and flood waters rose up and lasted for 40 days. The Bible documents those days and the final results when the rains stopped and the waters returned to their places in the deep earth and the mountains felt the warmth of the sun and saw Gods promise to not destroy the earth with floods again in the form of the rainbow. Noah and his family found themselves up on the mountains of Arrarat and were the beginning of a new human race saved from Gods judgment to repopulate the planet. We are all descendants of Noah it would seem.

When I wrote something similar to the paragraphs preceding this sentence I was given a very clear understanding that Billy Graham was the Methuselah of our day and age and I passed that on to all of you. Why I saw it so clearly and felt it so important to pass on to you I can not begin to explain. But as I often do, I write accepting that the motivation and the words seem to flow without much intervention on my part. They appear on paper and I read them and am neither pleased with the outcome nor wonder where the incentive to write them came from. I have always wanted my words to be in agreement with Gods word and am at peace often with what is on the page.
I have shared this with you now because so many of you had requested that I do so.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –