Dr. Jim Garrow: Do not grow weary in doing good

“Do not grow weary in doing good”.

Dr. Jim Garrow

The price of freedom we are told is that of eternal vigilance. There are moments in time when we see, sense or feel a shift in the overall mood, a spirit of optimism wafts over the nation, or on some occasions we feel a sense of oppression and negativity. The recent home going of Reverend Doctor Billy Graham was a sad, glad occasion for the nation. The humble servant of the Most High God went to his eternal reward and for many days his praises were sung across the world. Even the Christian haters, the doubters, the mockers and the gossips had to hold their tongues in silence as there was no mud to sling, no ruinous slander and gossip to rain down on the memory of Gods servant.

We are not all called to a life of preaching, teaching, guiding and counselling the leaders of this world. We are not all called to stand in a pulpit and proclaim Gods loving gift of forgiveness and healing to a dying land. We are not all called to share Gods healing words to the nation in times of sorrow and suffering. That having been said, it was Billy Grahams place to do all of the aforementioned as God’s representative in special and chosen times.

Each of us however will, like Billy Graham, give an account of what we did with “the hope that lies within us” in our own circle of influence and our own God given opportunities to show by our lives that The Great God exists and gives direction to the humble and pours out His love through His representatives in the world. Were we “good and faithful servants” as was Billy Graham or did we waste our inheritance on “riotous living” like the prodigal son? Again, the omniscient, omnipresent and all seeing God is witness to our faults, failings, foibles and fruits of the Spirit. His judgements are true, His love never failing and His forgiveness complete and everlasting.

A saint has gone on to his reward and we are called to continue being faithful in our God given responsibilities. May God richly bless us as we seek His will, His strength and His enabling for the tasks He has set before us. And may we draw strength from the individual memories that we have of Gods faithful servant Billy Graham.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –