US Shoots Down Syrian Jet Fighting against Terrorists

By The European Union Times

Earlier in the day it was reported that a Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber was lost in Raqqa province.

Now however the Syrian Ministry of Defense has issued a statement saying the crash was caused by an American attack against the plane which was conducting sorties against ISIS. The US has also confirmed the downing.

Kurdish media agrees that the US downed a Syrian jet, but claims the Su-22 was striking Kurdish militia (SDF/YPG) positions.

The fate of the downed pilot is not yet known but there are reports that the pilot is alive but has been taken captive by the SDF.

The plane was operating in a piece of Raqqa province around the town of Tabqa where the Syrian army, ISIS, and the Kurdish-dominated SDF are all present and share front lines. Did perhaps the US bring down the Syrian jet in a “preventive” attack where the Su-22 was targeted just for coming “too close” to the American forces on the ground?

You will recall that in southern Syria the US had been “defensively” bombing Syrian army forces simply for coming within 55 kilometers of its al-Tanf base (which is itself in Syria). Meanwhile, it has been reported last week that the US had set up [READ MORE HERE]

Source: EU Times

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